The Power Of Your Mind

Leadership Die Kraft der Gedanken

Mind-power – the wisdom of using the power of your mind – separates winners from losers. Mikaela Shiffrin took Olympic gold today. What really impressed me was her statements and what others say about her.

She told the media: ” You are seeing me here for the first time. But I have already been here 1000 times!”


The power of your mind will separates winners from losers

In sports, athletes know one thing. Winning is a mind game. You have to prepare and set your mind to winning mode. This means that you have to go through your competition over and over again in your mind. This is a daily routine for athletes month and years ahead of an event.

How can you condition yourself for winning?

  1. Have a clear goal and a plan. A plan makes the difference between a wish and a goal.
  2. Close your eyes and see yourself moving towards that goal.
  3. Do this every day. Keep repeating over and over again.
  4. Things are not going well? Keep repeating.
  5. See yourself and what it feels like having achieved your goal. Learn to associate a good feeling with your goal.
  6. Keep on doing both.
  7. Over and over again.

This is all you have to do. I am talking to you from my own experience. I only share things I have done myself and tested on myself – and that hopefully will help you too.

Mind-power is not only for athletes. Anyone can use this. I am sure that many already use mind-powers – on a subconscious level. Think about some achievements that you are proud of. I am sure you did have a clear goal, you had dreams about it and you didn’t give up.

The only difference might be, that you did this more intuitively. Now use it on the next goal – use mind-power consciously for achieving your next goal – just like winning athletes do.

Here is Mikaela Shiffrin.

Hope you enjoyed this