What Employees Want To Hear

Leadership Training - andy Fumolo

Appreciation and gratitude are the core in everything we do. They drive us forward.

The same goes for all team members. They not only need to feel that they are doing a great job, they also want to hear it.

They want support and encouragement.

We are all getting busier than ever and too often we forget to inspire and lift up others. In return they will be happier and more productive.

Here is a short list of what others want to hear from you.

You’re doing a great job

Everybody needs encouragement from time to time – why not tell them?

We wouldn’t be able do this without you

What a great lift – but only when it’s genuine.

Can you think of a better way to do this?

Employees are the best source of ideas. Let’s encourage them to bring out their best.

Our customers love you!

When employees have a positive impact on your business and customers – why not let them know?

Don’t worry – we all make mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t punish for mistakes. Rather encourage to learn from them.

I’ve got an important new project for you

Most people want to make a difference. Give them assignments that matter and match their ability.

What is your opinion?

Get feedback. Ask team members and employees what they think. Act according to their advice.

I’m glad you work for us

Everybody can chose where they want to work. Don’t forget to let them know you are grateful that they have chosen your department or company.

I need your help

Most people want to help others. They feel valued if you give them the opportunity to support you.

Thank you

The magic words. You can never thank enough – or too often. Make it a habit.