Job Skills – master them and get more chances in the market


Learn the right job skills as fast as possible. they are not difficult but once mastered, they will open doors for you.

Last year I wrote about the Must-Have Skills For 2013. All skills described remain in high demand. I hope you did manage to catch up on them.
Strong leadership, clear communication and emotional intelligence will offer new possibilities and open doors.

Job Skills Most wanted


Brands became publishers and communicate across multiple platforms in different voices. Delivering content to both B2B and consumers in various forms is in high demand: corporate, short and long form, online as well as social.

The challenge is to understand the different roles. Wearing different hats at the same time is what will create influence. Master the basics of business communications and this will come easy to you. Effective Business Communication is always about others and never about my product or company.

This goes for all departments of a company – what is the story behind your company? And do all of your employees really reflect this story?


Finding opportunities is no longer left to senior leaders only. It is more and more part of the daily job to find opportunities for improvement. Make sure when offering innovations to decision makers that you can articulate the commercial benefits for your company. Learn to see an innovation through the eyes of decision makers who will give you a budget for the implementation.

Strong Leadership

Strong leadership will always be the backbone for any company. Remember, people leave leaders and not the company. 60% would rather earn less and work for an inspiring leader.

Natural born leaders or “Pure Leadership” are in high demand.

There is a distinction between a manufactured leader and a pure leader. Manufactured leaders have often gone through training and are perfect for taking commands.The downside ist, that they may lack the experience and intuition for good business decisions.

A pure leader can make decisions quickly, stick with their decisions, lead by example and go after the end results. Natural leaders inspire, motivate teams and raise productivity.

Intelectual Curiosity

That’s right. Curiosity is a positive skill. According to Forbes, intellectual curiosity is one of the top five personality traits. Not only does curiosity help to solve problems faster. Curious people will understand and adapt to new situation more effectively.

In the mind of others, curiosity involves passion and innovation. People who like to learn are more enthusiastic about change – at work, about processes and technology.

Open minded people, who like to learn and follow through have the best opportunities. Those who can inspire others and create an empowering working environment with high values will advance in all aspects of business and private life.

Have a great & successful year