Why people fail? Two things you need to know.

Why people fail is a question that has dozens of answers. In my opinion why people fail is that they disregard two essential steps.

I promise that is the last time I talk about the comfort zone. We always speak of nice and sweet effects of personal growth. What about those who fail? Those who try but never make it? Why do so many people fail even though they know what they want?

Video Why people Fail (7 min)

So what are the reasons why people fail?

confort zone
Learn to master the comfort zone


self doubt |insecurity |missing self-esteem |what will others think

You have goals and want to work for them. All of a sudden your subconscious mind takes over. It signals uncertainty and lack of self-confidence. Moreover, the stupidest fear of all: What will others think of me? What will they say about me if I … ..?
Fear usually has nothing to do with reality. It is more about your feelings and emotions.
Why are so many people failing? Because they do not overcome the fear zone. Or they allow too much space for their own emotions.
Therefore: dive in and start. The quote: “Getting started is half won” certainly has its meaning.


problems | learning new skills

Everyone thinks that life is easy. No, this is wrong. Life is not easy.
There are obstacles, stones, and rocks on every path. Problems are part of life.
We have to learn to solve problems quickly. Ignoring obstacles and putting issues under the carpet will fail. They will follow you and reappear.
The answer to “Why people fail?” can be found here because they do not solve their problems.
The Learning Zone will also confront you with new skills you will have to learn. Only when you learn and apply new skills, you will be ready for the next zone.


achieving goals | finding meaning | new goals

WOW, it is done. You have achieved your goals, and suddenly everything makes sense.
You want to continue to grow and set new goals for yourself.
In the Growth Zone you will also find meaning in what you do, and this will become your greatest motivation.
You don’t need seminars and motivational videos. The most important answer, to not failing, is finding meaning.


So many people fail because they are not prepared to take on these two small burdens (fear and learning).

Those who realize that personal growth needs to master these two zones cannot fail.

Have a great day ANDY FUMOLO