Tips for Presentations

Use this four tips for presentations to create an extra value for your listeners.

4 tips for presentations that will make you rock.

1 – Know your audience.

Of course, we have heard this a lot but challenging to achieve for many experts. Here is how to do it. Make sure that you the role of each member of the audience. However, most of all know in advance what their concerns to your subject will be. Understanding their concerns is a real booster. If you don’t address them in your presentation, they will come up in the questions afterward.

2 – Frame your presentation using the sandwich technique.

(Two pieces of bread, meat in the middle.)
How do you to this. Start with a big bang – your message. Close and finish with the same bang – your message.
Fill the meat part with content, by using good storytelling combined with facts and figures.

3 – Carry your content in your heart.

Sounds dramatic, but isn’t when you understand the next part. Most certainly you have been asked to give this presentation because you have particular expertise in your line of business. Everything in your performance should now reflect this high standard. Your most important task is, to translate your specialized knowledge for your audience. In this way, you will deliver value to your listeners.

4 – Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Practice, not to get it right but that you can’t get it wrong. This gives you the mental freedom to be authentic and your true self. In this way, you create a connection with your audience which means value to them.

With these four tips for presentations, your next presentations will hook your audience.

There is one more thing. As an expert, most certainly you will be the only person in the room who knows most about your particular subject – so don’t worry.

Everything else is about how you connect with your audience and how you deliver higher value than they would have ever expected.

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