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Why people fail? Two things you need to know.

Why people fail is a question that has dozens of answers. In my opinion why people fail is that they disregard two essential steps. I promise that is the last time I talk about the comfort zone. We always speak of nice and sweet effects of personal growth. What about those who fail? Those who […]

Sales Training Fails! Why?

For years, sales training teaches the consultative sales approach: Salespeople become consultants. They ask questions, listen to the client and get more in-depth intel. The small percentage who use this approach are top performers with high growth rates and lasting client relationships. The ugly truth about sales training 87% of the content is forgotten after […]

Bashing your competitor

Bashing your competitor will always backfire. Criticizing others won’t bring you any advantage. A higher form is arrogance. People will punish you with laser speed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media app. By criticizing and bashing your competitor, we achieve the exact opposite of what we wanted. What happened? Hollywood icon Steven […]