Networking Doing It Right

Networking is important for any business.

Why? That’s the way how business is done for thousands of years.

I meet many people who are “Networkers”. Most of them do a lousy job.

These tips are the basics of professional networking. These are the results of a survey, asking CEOs on how networkers could improve.

Take them with you – your contacts will like you more, and you will get the better result.

Work smarter.


No Agenda

The most valuable networking you’ll ever do will have no noticeable immediate gain. It’s about being out there and communicating your brand, your company, and your vision to as broad an audience as possible. Over time, these seeds take root, and the value can be immense.

What Do They Need

A listener will be most engaged when your responses and suggestions are relevant to their specific needs. Not every communication is an opportunity to blow your own business horn. Sometimes you may find yourself sharing information about another company or service that you know.

Economy Class is better

My most exciting networking realization is that in 22 years consulting international businesses, I have not met anyone personally or professionally engaging in business or first class.

However, nearly every time I fly economy, I am seated with someone who proves to be an interesting person and from whom I can learn something. Inspiration does not come in first class or from a consultant with an MBA.

Be a Super Connector

Helping others be successful is a fabulous way (good karma aside) to establish the basis for future value back to yourself. Even better? Connecting connectors—you’ll become a super-connector and a networking maven.

Give your ideas away

Tell everyone what you would do in their situation and give your ideas away. If someone likes them, chances are they will hire you to execute them. If they don’t hire you and steal your idea, be flattered, not upset.

Don’t be shy

If you’ve got a vision, you should be excited to share it with everyone.