Andy Fumolo – executive Trainer und Coach

high performance coaching Andy Fumolo

For more than two decades, Andy Fumolo improves communications for companies and individuals. The Message Man concentrates on easy to use content and know how. All concepts are easy to understand and are easy to use in daily business life. Best of all this will work in all industries.

These specially designed success systems not only changes the communication culture for a company but also improves their image on the outside world. Clients, partners, and distributors will benefit from a culture that focuses on communications.

Andy Fumolo is a dynamic, quick-witted and dedicated coach. He sees through complex contents quickly and encourages people to achieve new, unprecedented results.

His work spans over 20 countries and four continents. Clients range from multinational companies such as – Canon, Mercedes, SAP, bwin, Pfizer, Mattel, GE, Reclay, Procter & Gamble, Danone, Coca Cola, Nokia, Sony, Red Bull – to managers of mid-sized businesses, to individuals – scientists, researchers, and academics.