Body Language Does Matter

By Andy Fumolo | Presentations

Jun 04
Prasentationstraining Koerperhaltung

In my profession it was soon clear that people with an upright posture will have a different influence than those who don’t.

When it comes to public speaking and presentations, the impact of body language is more than visual. We see a person and before one word is said, we already have a picture about that person in our mind. We even judge by our first impression – no matter if right or wrong.

We become a different person

Finally we have a proof. According to a recent survey, the way we carry our bodies triggers the delivery of hormones in our system. Our body language defines who we are.

2 minutes will change you

Amy Cuddy has the proof. Particularly interesting is the fact that people with a strong, upright and powerful posture will experience stress in a totally different way. You can read the values below. Watch out for Cortisol, which is only produced when under pressure.


[av_one_half first]

High Power People

Risk taking: 86%

Testosterone: +20%

Cortisol: -20%

[/av_one_half] [av_one_half]

Low Power People

Risk taking: 60%

Testosterone: -10%

Cortisol: +15%



What really makes me wonder is that most people spend all day in a weak position. Crooked in front of the computer, driving in a car or on the sofa watching TV.

What can be done

  • a two minutes power posture a few times each day
  • in challenging moments, do your power move (somewhere where no-one sees you – otherwise people will get a wrong impression)
  • exercise and go to the gym – this will train your muscles and make you stand strong

I wish you a powerful day




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