3 Ways To Fail Your Presentations

Most presenters fail because they make one of the following mistakes.

1. Presenting Too Much

Presenting features over features and functions over functions will not get the attention of your audiences. What your product or solution is or does has less impact than what it means to them.

Do this instead:

  • Limit your content to three (max. four) key features that are important to this buyer.
  • Highlight these features with examples out of their world.
  • Awaken your solution by using simple and easy to understand visuals.

2. Not Knowing Your Audience

Talking from the wrong point of view will ruin your presentations very quickly. If it’s all about you, how great your solution is, that you have the best customers and offices around the world, your customers will ask themselves: “What does any of this have to do with me?”

Do this instead:

  • Research and understand your audience. What is their interest in your solution or product?
  • Show them how your solution will benefit them.
  • Ask them about their interest and worries before you schedule your presentation.
  • Ask for feedback whenever you touched their interest.
  • Structure your content around their worries and interests and show how your solution will benefit them.

3. Not Explaining Why You’re Different

If you don’t tell them how should they understand it. Being modest will not work in this case. If you cannot explain and prove the difference between you and other solutions, how can you possibly expect your audience to do so?

Do this instead:

  • Let them know – in a simple message – what you or your solution can do better.
  • Describe three challenges that you or your solution can solve.
  • Use testimonials to show a before and after contrast. This will prove that your solution works.

I wish you the best of success for your next presentation.


PS. life is great. share it.