If my favourite bar can do it ….

Präsentationen richtige Folien

… you can do it too. Create slides for a presentation is as important as your content.

Forget PowerPoint and become visual.

We have to accept it. We are living in a visual world. No matter what kind of presentation you’re giving you have to care about your visuals.

I know that we don’t have time and that we also have to take care of so many other things. On top of it, the boss wants all these ugly spreadsheets and tells me to come to the point all the time.

If this is true, I can only imagine that your problem lies somewhere else. How to get your message across is not based on your slides. Your message must always be clear, faultless and to the point.

One of the most common mistakes is that people use PowerPoint as the main source of information. Meaning they put all necessary content on their slides, resulting in an overload of words.

Remember that the brain is a very lazy organ, which doesn’t want to work hard. What do you think will happen to your listeners if they have to read your words instead of listening to you. Well, their brains will go to sleep – and this is not what you want and why you prepared for a presentation.

How to create slides for a presentation

Don’t hide yourself

Learn to understand that you are the most important person when delivering a presentation. People want to listen to you, and they are interested in what you have to offer. You just have to serve them in the right way. There is a certain logic behind this that you can easily learn. Find out what your listeners need and cater to those needs.

Create A Storyboard

On a piece of paper, create a storyboard of your presentation first. Like in a movie, use pictures and graphics and add your words to each slide. Once done, power up your computer and start working. This will help you save a lot of time.

Combine pictures with facts

Pictures only won’t work for you. Decision makers need hard core facts as well. Think about how you can turn details into a visual.

Collect photos

Create a new folder on your computer where you can store interesting photos, graphics, and quotes. When you need them, you will save time on searching the internet. The best and most impressive pictures come from your “real business life” (not stock photos). Always have a camera ready.

Watch and learn

Check for great presentations and find out what these people are doing. Don’t copy! Rather use your findings to improve upon yourself. All Apple keynotes and all TED videos are excellent sources. (You also can find a TED Channel on YouTube)

Get Support

Do you want better projects or better contracts? Well, it’s time to invest. Find a graphic artist who understands your business. This person will turn your content into presentations with maximum impact. I know that this will work for you, so don’t be greedy.


No matter what you will do, they will always judge you and your personality. Presentations with a visual impact will always create more attention and will create more influence. This again will lead to better projects and better businesses. And don’t forget: 2014 is also about personal branding.