10 Mistakes People Make with Public Speaking

Fehler bei Präsentationen

Mistakes people make with public speaking is common and normal.

The key is to stop doing this. Do it better instead. Pick yourself up and move on instead.

Mistakes People Make with Public Speaking

  1. Expect no “butterflies” to be present.
  2. Say, “Um,” a lot.
  3. Allow emotions to be controlled by audience.
  4. Try to be someone they’re not.
  5. Think they can just show up without much prep.
  6. Over practice.
  7. Don’t get a good night’s sleep.
  8. Don’t eat a good meal before (go on an empty stomach).
  9. Apologize for themselves.
  10. Note a flub (mistake they make) during a speech / as they’re speaking (most people won’t notice).
  11. BONUS: Beat themselves up afterwards if they feel like they failed.