Leadership – 5 Must Haves

Are there certain skills and behaviors, that will help to succeed? Of course, there are! Here is our list of Leadership Skills Must Have.

The sad part of this is that we know all the Leadership Skills Must Have – but seldom live and act according to them.

Most of us are driven by day to day work, hassle and stress. The real challenge is to make life and business easier. Yes, it is, and it can be for everyone.

Leadership Skills Must Have Qualities

1. Learn To Listen

After long talks with mentors, partners, and clients we came up with five characteristics that shape success. This is part one of a mini series. Try to implement each skill consciously into your daily business and life and reflect upon new outcomes.

Here is my most valuable advice.
Business is always about what kind of relationships you can build – and you can keep.

How do you feel if someone talks all the time? All you can do is listen. It will make you feel uncomfortable. Real leadership will always motivate people to give their personal best. Listening is a major skill for this.

2. Keep it short and simple. The good old KISS principle.

This basic rule becomes even more important when you want to win someone for a project or business.

Think of it as a first date. If you come across as a complicated person, there will not be a second date.


Check the next video and get the message across in the simplest form.

A Lesson from the leadership guy.

The most important learning for business & life is to explain complicated subjects easily.

You might be astonished, but people who can explain things in an easy to understand way are perceived as more competent. This is even more important if you want to work with others.

Simplicity will become your success


This is one major quality that will create success consistently.

People who carry this quality within them have even more advantages. They will find more passion in what they are doing. Passion will trigger a further quality: people who are passionate, improve continually.

And here is the best of all: passionate people will never fail.

So get started – be proud of yourself and your work


Why do people take their business so seriously?

We all have to do our work. But isn’t it true, that when you have fun, everything becomes easier?
Yes, give 100% – but don’t forget that you also want to celebrate success.
Not only the big ones. Small successes are equally important. They need a celebration too.

Your teams will love it – fun will improve productivity and your image.
Let’s celebrate and have fun – as often as possible.

5. Rip it up and start something new

Time to give it up? But when?

This is the most important advice I learned from my mentors. And it was also the hardest quality to implement for my own life. In fact, I always wait for too long. But waiting and hoping only costs a lot. You lose your passion, your momentum, your energy and lots of money.

After 22 years in my business I have learned one fundamental lesson: Life has shown me often, that once I shut a door, five new ones will open.

If whatever you are doing is not bringing you the planned results – start something new. This is considering that right from the beginning you have given 100% and made everything possible that your venture will succeed. But if the results are not showing, what should you do?

Life is always the best if we keep it simple: start something new.
This can also mean, that you keep your project but find a different approach, a new strategy.

I wish you a great day