Simplicity Leads To Effective Communication

effective communication makes listening easy

If you want to convince others or win others for projects, you need to apply effective communication skills. That’s it.

GE’s new CEO John Flannery is great in using effective communication skills. How he does it and how he wins others earned him an article in FORBES Magazine.

Link: Article in FORBES Magazine.

How to achieve effective communication skills

The secret is simplicity. Since thousands of years simplicity a guarantee for success.

Follow this three steps and be more convincing in your next speech.

1. Speak up

A loud and clear language is the foundation of any good communication. So your first step in getting people’s attention is to raise the volume of your voice.

Benefit: By raising the volume of your voice your brain will think faster. It gets signals to be more alert. MY clients tell me by using this technique they reach a flow mode. Meaning they have to think less about the word they use and appear more authentic. Great!

Side effect: Using a louder language automatically changes your body language and gestures. You will appear more natural.

2. Graphic Language

Many speakers pack too many details in their presentations. Details are difficult to follow and even harder to remember. The problem is, that if your audience doesn’t understand some of the details, they will misinterpret them.

Try to focus your content on a descriptive language – a language that will create pictures in the mind of your listeners. How: Describe a process, speak about your own experience, use examples or show a comparison.

Warning: Don’t rely on stories only, The story is only the door opener to the logical brain. Once your listeners understand what you are talking about, they also want to know the essential details. That is what makes up a great speaker.

3. Only talk about what is most important.

Not what is most important to you, but to your listeners. The first question when preparing for a presentation is: What is their biggest interest?

Once you have a list of their primary interests, break them down to maximum three subjects. That’s it.

People have a hard to remember more than three things. I don’t want to run anyone down, but this is a pure fact. People will like your content if you keep it easy and don’t talk too much about details. They will come back to you later to find out more. But you have to be sure that you cover their interest. So don#t be shy and spend some time finding out what they need.


If you master this, your presentations will be more successful. In return, this will help you to move on faster in your career as a public speaker. You will get the better projects and the better jobs. Because knowing how to convince others is what true leaders are made off.

I wish you lots of success

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