A Better TO-DO List

[VIDEO] If your lists are endlessly long or lose control or have the feeling that there is always too much to do, then this is for you.

Use this better TO-DO List and get more done


It’s called Kanban (Japanese). Toyota uses it in the production process.

It is super easy and works well.

I like to use Post-It notes. They give me flexibility, and I can move them around as I like it.

Define three sections:


READY: all tasks that are lined up.

DOING: add a maximum of 3 items to this section. You chose them by importance or priority. Do not add more. Now work on these tasks. When each is finished, it moves to the third section.

DONE: here you will have all your finished tasks.

Next step: Once the three items from the DOING-Section are moved to the DONE-Section, you go back to the READY-Section. Chose the next three essential tasks, move them to your DOING column and start working on them.

I like this system very much. It gives me control and allows me to decide on the next most important task.

Have fun & share & use it, if you like it.