Public Speaking

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Public Speaking – Speaking At A Conference

Boring and long-winded speakers ruin the image of a conference and leave a negative impact for all participants. Fine tuning a professionally organized event with well prepared speakers is essential.

Creating lively conferences

Preparation is the key to success. Creating a great story, define visuals and working on your performance skills. Most important of all: Create content that will inspire your audience.


  • Audience analysis for conferences
  • Structure your content according to your message
  • Preparing a spoken script
  • Enhance your speech with the right visual support
  • Guidelines for speaking techniques
  • Personal appearance and body language on a stage


  • Feel confident and positive on a stage
  • Giving a longer speech and still keep your listeners interested
  • Deliver a clear message that supports the theme of the conference
  • Create a speech that suits the interest and knowledge of the audience
  • Keep your listeners interested and create a positive image


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