Expand your comfort zone

The comfort zone defines who you are. A way to grow your personality takes place outside the comfort zone.

Did you hear this before or did someone say this you: You have to expand your comfort zone!

How can you understand this and make it finally happen?

Everything we do daily, all the things we master, are within your comfort zone. These things aren’t challenging, because we handle them with ease every day.

Giving a lecture, giving a presentation is within my comfort zone. Why? I’ve been doing this almost every day for the last 30 years.

For most people, speaking in front of others is outside their comfort zone. For many giving a presentation is associated with fear and uncertainty. The most natural reaction is to avoid this situation and this feeling because it is unpleasant.

If you want to grow in experience and as a person, you have to take on challenges outside the comfort zone.

How can you expand the comfort zone?

Do something regularly that you usually wouldn’t do. Alternatively, chose something you always wanted to do but never took time for it.

These can be small things or real challenges:

Small – Going to the cinema alone or taking an extended hike.

Challenge – Giving a presentation to a big audience or learning something new that will support your career or business. Subscribe to a seminar or find a coach – then do it and grow.

Important: Everything we have to deal with, contributes to our personality. We grow as a person by experience and on tasks that we master. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see immediate benefits. The only important thing is that you do something new regularly.

In that way, you will expand who you are and grow as a person. The more you grow as a person the higher the chances to be rewarded: Perhaps you’ll find your dream job. Another time you might face a big problem that you will handle quickly and efficiently.

Experience shapes our personality. It is vital that we face challenges and difficulties and grow with them.

More in my new book: www.dontstuck.com (Currently only in German language. English version will follow soon)

Enjoy the video below. This is one of my ways to move outside my comfort zone 🙂